A comprehensive lean management system and operational leadership translate strategic vision and annual objectives into a connected operations system that is understood and implemented organisation-wide. Our framework drives behavioural change focused on problem-solving, speed and execution by engaging all levels of the organisation. And it quickly begins driving sustainable performance improvements up to 15%.

We believe that a comprehensive lean-based management system and operational leadership are mandatory elements of effective execution. 

Your organisation has a strategic vision for breakthrough performance. But deploying and executing against that plan is a problem. Without a clear link between strategy and day-to-day execution, the organisation struggles to know what to do this month, this week, this day, or even this hour to get closer to that vision. Managers are bogged down with multiple, sometimes competing, metrics. And they lack clear focus on measures that really matter to the business. As a result, the organisation fails to consistently achieve targeted performance levels.

Translating vision into an executable plan.

With a comprehensive Management System, your organisation gets the processes, systems, tools, and technology it needs to quickly and successfully execute against its vision. The TBM Management System represents the perfect union between proven effective process and the information revolution. It is a connected operations system that combines strategy and goal deployment tactics with operational leadership development and daily management processes to focus all levels of the organisation on doing the right work, right now, to move the business toward its vision. From top to bottom, the organisation knows what needs to happen when, who is responsible, and what to measure to stay on track. By focusing on speed, execution, and problem solving, performance breakthroughs become a sustainable reality much more quickly than your organisation ever imagined.

New TBM Management System Workshop Helps Senior Ops Leaders Drive Effective Execution and Results

Our new TBM Management System Workshop is an intensive two-day workshop designed specifically for senior operations executives and business leaders who want to ensure that there is clear connectivity between performance improvement and financial results. 

An accelerated approach for tackling the biggest issues.

The TBM Management System works, and it works fast. TBM consultants have the experience and the know-how to ask the right questions, quickly diagnose the root causes of your biggest operational challenges, and help you take advantage of the most significant opportunities for profound improvement. Then, we support the system by drawing upon enabling technologies that improve productivity, drive solid decision making and effective execution. We work in hours, days, and weeks, as opposed to quarters and years, to get the framework and components of your Management System in place. This often includes Dploy® Solutions, our propriety cloud-based suite of operational excellence tools that works in tandem with the TBM Management System. We start generating impact for the business is short order. And we can quickly scale the solution across your entire organisation, and even globally, for consistency everywhere you operate.

We don’t do it in a vacuum. We work at the point of impact, where the work actually gets executed, and we engage all levels of your organisation in co-designing and implementing a customised Management System you can put your name on and own. Then we coach all levels of the organisation on how to use the Management System to continually drive measurable performance improvements. Every member of the team learns how to use information from the system to quickly identify problems, implement corrective actions to solve major issues permanently, and keep the organisation moving toward its goals.

Realise sustainable performance improvements up to 15%.

With the Management System in place and all levels of your organisation trained to effectively leverage it, you’ll begin seeing significant improvements in the performance metrics critical to realising your vision, including cost savings, working capital reduction, organisational alignment, effective execution, and revenue growth. The organisation benefits from a framework built for agility and responsiveness, ensuring better performance faster. Employees at every level will understand the enterprise’s vision and know what they need to do to stay focused on what’s important and achieve annual objectives. And leaders will be equipped to manage through the most strategic and pressing operational needs of the business every hour of every day.

With the TBM Management System, supported by Dploy® Solutions, executing against your vision for breakthrough performance becomes an every day occurrence, getting your organiation where it’s going much faster.

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