Continuous Improvement is a Hallmark of Our Approach

The faster your organisation can execute against its goals, solve challenges, respond to opportunities, and meet customer needs, the quicker it will realize its growth potential. And the faster we can put you in a position to do that, the more successful your improvement initiatives will become.

Whether you engage us for a long-term business transformation or a short-duration project for a specific issue, we focus on getting results fast and building momentum around the initiative. By quickly instilling an organisation-wide understanding of and appreciation for continuous improvement, we help you drive and sustain executional excellence that will set you apart from your peers.

Here’s how:

We work in days and weeks, not months and quarters.

The skill and seniority of our consulting team is the key to asking the right questions and quickly diagnosing your biggest challenges. We actively listen to what you have to say and thoroughly analyse your data. Then we size up the situation and pinpoint the critical issues in short order, allowing us to implement solutions fast and drive immediate results.

We follow the 80/20 rule.

Perfect is the enemy of good.  In the spirit of continuous improvement, we believe that ongoing improvements are key to your success.  We look for the most critical issues causing 80% of your performance problems and we address those first. Instead of spending valuable time figuring out the minor details and nuances, we get the framework to the solution in place fast to start moving the needle on business performance.

We work at the point of impact.

Process improvements don’t get made on the 12th floor. They start where the real work gets done, at the ground level. So that’s where you’ll find our consultants, working shoulder-to-shoulder with the people who operate your business and know first-hand where the roadblocks exist and what’s hindering success.

We don’t do it to you. We do it with you.

If you’re looking for a surprise ending, you won’t find it here. We don’t work behind closed doors. We work with you at every step, using your input to establish and prioritise quantifiable improvement objectives, customise ownable projects that you can get behind 100 percent, and clearly align improvement initiatives with your strategic plans. We believe engagement at all levels and broad, senior management-led participation are essential to success. And we foster that engagement from day one.

We leverage a comprehensive management system and proprietary technology to support your solutions.

To support your operations excellence and supply chain initiatives, we often implement the TBM Operations Management System to translate your strategic vision into executable, daily work plans. Everyone within your organisation gets a framework and processes for achieving your goals. And you can leverage our proprietary Dploy Solutions suite of operational excellence tools to enable those processes and drive better, faster results.

We recently introduced our TBM Management System Workshop-UK, a 2-day, intensive workshop for operating executives who want to ensure that their lean management system is delivering clear financial results. 

We use training and knowledge transfer for sustainable results.

Your leaders must be able to take the reins to maintain change and continue nurturing a continuous improvement culture long after our engagement ends. So training and knowledge transfer are critical elements in every solution we deliver. TBM offers onsite training at your location for groups of 10 or more can. We deliver continuous improvement training grounded in our proprietary LeanSigma methodology and provide content development and licensing, mentoring, lean certification, six sigma green belt and black belt certification, and awareness programs for all levels.

We leverage people, processes, and technology.

All our solutions consistently incorporate these three critical elements. When you have engaged and knowledgeable people, following proven process rigor, supported by the right technologies, your business will be in the best possible position to realise executional excellence and achieve its full growth potential.

We unconditionally guarantee our work.

We initiate frequent touch points and a disciplined review process during and post engagement to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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