Our process improvement consulting approach is designed to generate results in days and weeks—instead of months and quarters—by helping you quickly take advantage of your greatest opportunities for improvement, build momentum, and stack up the gains.

Begin with deep-dive diagnostics to identify your biggest opportunities

At TBM, the skill and seniority of our continuous process improvement consultants is key to asking the right questions for quickly sizing up your challenges and pinpointing any weak links in your operational capabilities. For most middle market manufacturers, the top critical issues cause 80% of performance problems. So, we find and address those first. Then we use your input and strategic plans, coupled with in-depth assessments across seven critical performance dimensions, to qualify, quantify, and prioritize your greatest improvement opportunities.

Diagnostic Assessment Areas:

  • Leadership: Commitment to change, technical capabilities, culture, talent management, succession planning, and risk
  • Asset Condition: TPM, work order management, MRO process, facility condition
  • Lean Maturity: 5S, flow, work cells, pull system, CI organization
  • Management System: Tracking, measurement and progress rigor, workforce empowerment, visual management, problem-solving, goal deployment
  • Sales and Operations Planning: Production planning and scheduling, order to delivery, supplier integration, risk of disruption
  • Quality: Management system, specification management, problem-solving documentation
  • Technology and Automation: Digital roadmaps, digital management systems, analytics capabilities, process automation, and Lean 4.0 adoption.

Get a go-forward roadmap and hands-on support to achieve gains fast.

Based on assessment findings and data analysis, we build go-forward implementation plans and create 100% ownable projects designed to help you achieve specific and strategic goals, such as significantly reducing costs, accelerating inventory turns, increasing productivity, improving profit or EBITDA, and driving growth.

TBM leads these initiatives, working side-by-side (in person or virtually) with your team at the point of impact. We work at the ground level with the people who operate your business every day to put solution frameworks into place, remove roadblocks, instill techniques, behaviors, and process rigor, and embed resources as needed to immediately start moving the needle on business performance and results.

Sustain your results with the right mix of people, process, and technology.

When our work is done, we leave behind the framework and structure that helps you drive and sustain operational excellence that will set your business apart from your peers. Leadership training and knowledge transfer are key parts of our lean operations consulting engagements, helping to instill the governance and oversight that will maintain your continuous improvement culture long-term. Our proprietary LeanSigma methodology training includes content development and licensing, mentoring, lean certification, six sigma green belt and black belt certification, and awareness programs for all levels.

To further support your operational and supply chain initiatives, we often implement the TBM Operations Management System to translate your strategic vision into executable, daily work plans. Everyone within your organization gets a framework and processes for achieving your goals. And you can leverage Dploy Solutions, our proprietary suite of digital manufacturing technology, to enable those processes and drive better, faster results.

No matter the circumstances, expect high-impact results.

When you have engaged and knowledgeable people, following proven process rigor and supported by the right technologies, your business will be in the best possible position to achieve operational excellence and its full growth potential. Whether you engage us for long-term business transformation or a short-term project-specific issue, we initiate frequent touchpoints and a disciplined review process during and post engagement to check progress and ensure your complete satisfaction along the way.

If travel restrictions or social distancing are a concern for your business during this time, TBM can work to deploy local resources or collaborate online to keep projects moving effectively. When in-person meetings just aren’t possible, our manufacturing process consultants can lead virtual assessments, deep-dive diagnostics or vision events, lead improvement projects, implement digital management system capabilities, conduct training, and provide coaching or mentoring. Ultimately, we work to ensure that nothing, even a global pandemic, can stop your continuous improvement journey.

Learn more about choosing an operations consulting firm that helps you get to the gains fast.

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