When it comes to capturing the next level of productivity improvement, not all technologies are created equal. We offer an unbiased, strategic approach for leveraging technologies and small data that deliver the greatest business value. These technologies and insights help you make informed decisions and take-action faster—driving double digit productivity gains.

Take a pragmatic approach to digital manufacturing. Drive business value at every step of your journey.

TBM helps mid-sized manufacturers navigate Industry 4.0 by customising a realistic approach to digital transformation that’s practical, affordable, and designed to quickly deliver quantifiable bottom-line profitability improvements. Essentially, we marry Industry 4.0 with a lean mindset for what we refer to as our Lean 4.0 approach. By offering pragmatic manufacturing technology solutions for your journey, we keep you focused on operational objectives so you can achieve the double-digit productivity gains and create the tangible business value you need not only to survive, but to thrive in the digital era.

Step-change digital manufacturing investments too often overpromise and underdeliver.

When margins are tight, the high cost of digital manufacturing seems out of reach, and past initiatives have failed to deliver expected results, getting on board with Industry 4.0 can be the last thing mid-sized manufacturing executives want to think about. But digital transformation isn’t a buzzword. It’s a reality. Manufacturers need to be open to upping their technology investment if they want to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. But, this doesn’t have to break the bank.

You don’t have to go big or go home. Take digital transformation at the right pace to drive value for your business.

The good news is, digital manufacturing does not have to be an all-in initiative that changes the entire experience of your manufacturing line. TBM helps companies take a pragmatic approach to leveraging digital manufacturing technologies that add real dollar and cents value for your business, for example by accelerating your ability to generate revenues, establishing your competitive differentiation, or cutting your costs and eliminating sources of waste. We empower your mid-sized business to select the right digital technology solutions and opportunities, start small, evaluate as you go, and build on your successes at each step.

Our manufacturing technology solutions focus on:

  • Marrying lean process discipline with Industry 4.0
  • Building digital roadmaps
  • Vetting and selecting the right digital transformation technologies
  • Implementing and managing pilot projects

Lean 4.0 Adoption

Generate up to 20% more improvement with a lean approach to advanced technology adoption. TBM views Lean 4.0 as a marriage between lean process discipline, Industry 4.0, and enabling digital manufacturing technologies. It gives companies a way to tackle current business challenges by increasing the productivity of all assets and resources and identifying and eliminating the hidden sources of waste in your business that are standing in the way of achieving business goals. Through a Lean 4.0 approach and a prove-and-move mindset, most manufacturers can generate up to 20% more business improvement.

Digital Transformation Roadmaps

Be intentional about where you’re going and how you are going to get there. Starting with the end in mind is one of the best ways to keep your digital manufacturing or Lean 4.0 journey on track and stay in control of your investment at each step. This requires clearly defining the objectives and value you hope to achieve with digital transformation technologies as well as carefully assessing your current technology and operational capabilities and processes. With your starting point and business goals clearly defined, you can then develop the right roadmap to close the gap, outline milestones and requirements along the way, and fully understand what it’s going to take to achieve the digital future and realise the business gains you envision.

Solution Selection

Invest wisely and incrementally to ensure value. TBM offers an objective view for how to leverage the right technologies that deliver the greatest business value and help you fulfil your operational and smart manufacturing business goals. We can guide you in choosing digital and industrial internet of things (IIoT) solutions that support your objectives, such as increasing capacity, supporting new revenue creation, solidifying a competitive advantage, or becoming leaner though the elimination of bottlenecks and reduction of direct costs.

These technologies can include:

  • Digital Management Systems, such as Dploy Solutions, our proprietary suite of digital manufacturing software built to work in tandem with the TBM Management System to automate, bring visibility, and expedite the execution of operational excellence and Lean 4.0 initiatives. 

  • Analytics capabilities, including both descriptive analytics (what’s happening in your business) and prescriptive analytics (why it’s happening) to enable you to visualise and understand the critical business data stored in your information technology and operations technology systems. With the right analytics capabilities, you can paint a complete performance picture, hone in on what’s working and what isn’t, identify the reasons why, and model the impact to critical business decisions and process changes before you make them.

  • Specialised digital solutions that enable advanced what-if scenario planning and cost modelling and deliver new levels of visibility to promote better operations planning in areas of your business including building standard work, inventory management, capacity planning, and network optimisation.

  • Process automation for effectively digitalising non-value-added activities, such as inspection and manual handling of materials. This often includes automating assembly, transportation, or vision systems. Today, more manufacturers are also automating training activities, work instructions, and standard work to support Lean 4.0 initiatives and drive the productivity of frontline staff further, faster.

Pilot Project Implementation and Management

Put your technology solutions to work to drive rapid results. TBM technology consultants work with you to support your team throughout the entire process of implementing and managing your new digital transformation technology investments. From building the business case, to helping you through the install, to training your team, we are with you at every step to help ensure your technology delivers the results and value you expect. We help evaluate and measure the impact of pilot efforts and then scale the programme to build on your initial success.

We put the smart in smart manufacturing

With TBM’s pragmatic approach to digital manufacturing, you can make Industry 4.0 and Lean 4.0 work for your business. Through strategic investments, well-paced projects, continual measurement, and a focus on rapid results, TBM helps you create the business value you need to win in the digital era.

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