Leadership Solutions

A clear connection exists between human capital management and superior operational and financial performance. And when you have good people and a culture of excellence, you create a powerful competitive advantage few peers can touch. We empower your organisation to become a world-class employer, putting your company’s future in the hands of unbeatable operations and supply chain teams.

Supply Chain Management

A multidimensional supply chain management strategy designed to balance competing factors is only effective if it is put into action. Operationalising supply chain strategy takes people, process, and technology, and TBM helps you optimise all three, enabling functions across your supply chain to rapidly improve lead times and working capital while boosting margins up to 15%.

Private Equity Operational Due Diligence + Value Creation

Since 2019, TBM has helped private equity firms and their portfolio companies collaboratively identify and capture more than $2 Billion in EBITDA benefits. We position you to leverage synergies and savings opportunities, improve operational performance, and reduce risk to quickly realise EBITDA improvements of 20-30%+ while driving sustainable top line growth.

Operational Excellence

Operational excellence and improvement is more than cutting costs. It’s about leveraging operations to drive competitive advantage and fuel growth. TBM's operational excellence consulting services help you grow your bottom line 2x faster than your top by increasing operational speed, agility, and responsiveness.

Management System + Operational Leadership

Rapidly drive sustainable performance improvements up to 15%. A comprehensive lean management system and effective approach to operational leadership empower your company to translate strategic vision and annual objectives into an executable plan for growth.


Invest in technologies at the right pace to achieve operational objectives and double-digit productivity gains. TBM helps manufacturers pragmatically identify and adopt IIoT / digital manufacturing technologies that quickly deliver quantifiable bottom-line profitability improvements. Our Lean 4.0 approach and unbiased prove-and-move process position you to thrive in the digital era.

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