Lean Management System

Minimise production costs, optimise margins, and standardise processes for quality control. Utilising demand segmentation analysis, we streamline SKU rationalisation, reducing working capital while maintaining service levels. Our focus on business process improvements extends to the order-to-cash cycle. In production management, we monitor key performance indicators to meet targets, maintain quality, ensure compliance, and manage costs effectively.

Supply Chain Management & Logistics
Secure critical ingredient contracts, optimise processes, and enhance efficiency in supplier assessments, forecast accuracy, dealer replenishment, and logistics. TBM is committed to boosting the resilience of the entire food and beverage supply chain.
Talent & Labour Strategy

Create a robust talent management strategy for a high-performing workforce aligned with organisational goals. We partner with manufacturers to attract and retain skilled labour, provide leadership coaching, and strategically embed leaders for enhanced performance. Our dedication extends to fostering an engaged organisational culture, driving increased productivity and bottom-line results.

Asset Utilisation

Achieve optimised performance and return-on-assets by maximising machine uptime, improving equipment flexibility, and increasing yield with improvements in OEE and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

Engineering & Product Development

Comprehensive change order optimization to streamline the process of incorporating modifications, ensuring minimal disruption and cost.

Our prototyping services enable rapid development and testing of new concepts, facilitating faster time-to-market. Our lean product design process eliminates waste and enhances efficiency from conception to production. Incorporating principles of Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Value Add/Value Engineering (VA/VE), we ensure that products are designed for ease of manufacturing and cost-effectiveness while maintaining high quality. Additionally, our expertise in cycle time reduction helps shorten development timelines and improve overall project efficiency.

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