Lean Approach Improves Process Capability A&D

Take Control of the High Cost of Quality in Aerospace & Defence

Because escapes are unacceptable, the extensive costs of a reactive approach to escape avoidance—including the rework, scrap, overtime, and expedited shipping—have long been accepted as a necessary evil. Today, however, aerospace and defence manufacturers are also dealing with the costs of COVID-19 mitigation, inflation, and supply chain disruptions. They must protect their margins and kerb the expenses within their control.

Recommitting to lean provides a golden opportunity to reign in the cost of quality. By preventing quality issues from occurring in the first place, manufacturers can sidestep the hassle and expense that comes with dealing with defects later in the process.

Download the article “Why You Can No Longer Afford Quality at Any Cost” to see how implementing lean practises at all phases of the product design and manufacturing process can give you the edge you need to cost-effectively deliver the exceptional quality your industry demands.

In a new article from the aerospace and defence manufacturing experts at TBM, Jeff Baenen, John Lewis, and Bob O’Briant weigh in on why reactive escape avoidance is no longer sustainable. They share examples from their experience on how lean practises can make achieving even the highest quality standards much more affordable for businesses.

The article includes recommendations for four proven ways aerospace and defence manufacturers can increase first pass yield with lean:

  1. Reinforce lean in your production processes.
  2. Ensure your people are as productive and accountable as possible.
  3. Build lean into engineering and product development.
  4. Consider investing in Lean 4.0—the marriage of lean methodologies and IIoT/Industry 4.0.