Value creation is top of your mind, and ours.

In the world of private equity deals, you have to act fast. But at the same time, you need to be sure there is value in the deal and that you can maximise that value quickly. You must conduct your operational due diligence in short order. Just as importantly, you need a sound value creation plan for quickly improving business performance in the acquired target company so you can capture the synergies and savings opportunities post-close.

Support pre- and post-LOI is key to value creation.

At TBM, our approach to successful PE value creation is two-fold. Our consultants start with a deep dive into the operations, supply chain practices, and leadership capabilities of a target company. We look for opportunities to make process improvements and eliminate functional redundancies in order to increase operating profits, free up working capital, and drive revenue growth. Our unbiased approach to private equity operations consulting helps you identify potential value, surface warning signs or red flags, and more confidently pull the trigger on a deal.

But the real work happens post-LOI. As operational excellence and supply chain experts, we quickly and efficiently design and implement value creation plans that dramatically and sustainably improve the operational performance of a company.

Seasoned experts who understand the critical nature of speed.

No one is better positioned than TBM to move quickly on middle market private equity deals. We’re positioned to mobilise immediately, sending only seasoned, highly capable private equity consultants and analysts to the target company to conduct operational due diligence and pinpoint viable opportunities to enable realisation of the growth plan and accelerate value creation. In a matter of days, you’ll know whether or not the deal makes sense. As speed is a hallmark of everything we do, we work just as efficiently on the value creation side of the acquisition. We quickly get the processes, systems, and technology in place to bring your acquisition up to the desired operating standards. And we start moving the needle on operational performance right away, driving accelerated value creation through operational excellence.

Accelerate improvements in EBITDA.

Our ultimate goal is to maximise return and private equity benefits by identifying and capitalising on significant opportunities to improve operational excellence. Through quick implementation of optimised processes, you can realise your targeted EBITDA improvements, typically 20 to 30%, while driving top line growth. With TBM’s support for PE value creation, you not only fully understand the value of an opportunity; you get the action plans and hands-on implementation you need to realize it fast.

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