How to get the most out of your Operational Due Diligence

In a perfect world, private equity firms would have weeks to evaluate a target company’s operations and dive deeply into opportunities for value creation and areas of hidden risk.  But the chances of that happening today are far and few between given the abundance of dry powder waiting to be invested and the intense competition for deals.

We believe there are 13 key areas that can be a source of both opportunity and risk in a deal.   

Download this infographic for an understanding of each of these essential operational factors. 

If you're limited on the amount of time you have to complete your Due Diligence, you may want to focus on the two or three examination areas that most closely align with your vision and objectives for the acquisition. 

Or, consider outsourcing those efforts to expert consultants, like TBM, who can help you cover the right ground quickly and increase your confidence in either executing the deal or walking away.