Operational excellence goes well beyond cutting costs. It’s about achieving greater flexibility, agility, and higher levels of responsiveness to increase competitive advantage and fuel growth. And we help by driving process improvements from the ground up, enabling the business to grow its bottom line 2x faster than its top.

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In a challenging global marketplace, your operations team is constantly under pressure to operate safely, deliver faster, cut costs, increase capacity, and improve quality. Maybe you’re looking to drive value overall. Or you’re dealing with a specific and pressing operational challenge. Or perhaps you need to bring consistency to operations in multiple global facilities, or you need to get recent acquisitions in line with the rest of the organisation. Whatever the case, you’re actively seeking operational excellence solutions that will standardise processes, help you achieve the lowest possible cost-to-serve, and enable meeting your productivity improvement goals.

But you’ve been down the operational excellence road before. The process may have failed to result in the rapid or sustainable gains you were promised. Or even if you did notably improve performance, you’ve lost momentum. Or you’re not sure how to take it to the next level. What’s more, your leaders are divided on the best approach to operational excellence, with some preferring overall transformational change and others having a project mindset focused on specific performance improvements.

Leveraging operational excellence for rapid, sustainable growth.

As the established leader in operational excellence, TBM takes a broad view that goes beyond cutting costs to help your organisation leverage its operations to fuel growth. We help you improve operational speed to increase your agility, flexibly, and responsiveness and lower your cost-to-serve. Depending on your goals, we can deliver immediate short-term performance improvements, or we can implement long-term cultural transformation where operational excellence initiatives are tied directly to your plans for profitable growth. From short-term cost-out and cash flow improvements, to broad-reaching performance and business process improvements, to organisational-wide lean transformation, we help you achieve operational excellence that that rapidly translates directly into measurable financial results and rapid, sustainable performance that drives growth for your business.

A hands-on approach that drives improvement from the ground up.

We believe operational excellence requires both top-down commitment and ground-floor engagement. So that’s where our consultants work—shoulder to shoulder with your operations leaders and people who are enmeshed in your business every day. By being at the point of impact, we can more quickly and accurately diagnose the key issues and hone in on the critical components and information. We can identify the best emerging technologies to enable your specific operational objectives. And we can implement operational excellence initiatives quickly—in a matter of weeks as opposed to months or quarters—to tackle your biggest challenges and start driving immediate results.

While rapid improvements are critical, for real growth to occur, those changes have to be sustainable. Through knowledge transfer and coaching, we help your operational leaders develop the skills they need to lead and maintain change. And we install a management system process to connect your operational excellence initiatives to daily execution. Everyone in your organisation gets tools for problem solving on a daily basis along with a clear view of goals and results. The system holds people accountable for their role in the process while empowering them to drive the ongoing improvements your organisation needs to grow.

Grow your bottom line 2x faster than the top.

By quickly driving operational excellence improvements from the ground up, we help your business achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Through process improvements that enhance operations, your business becomes more flexible, agile, and responsive. This fuels growth in several critical ways, including greater customer satisfaction, faster new product development, improved cross-functional execution, and accelerated acquisition and integration. And it ultimately allows your business to grow its bottom line two times faster than its top.

If you’re looking to do more than just cut costs, the TBM approach to operational excellence can give you the edge you need to achieve your strategic objectives, grow faster, and grow more profitably long-term.

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