Maintenance KPI Alignment and Execution

Connect your maintenance strategy to key business objectives

Identifying critical maintenance KPIs and implement the management system discipline to consistently meet them. Maintenance consulting services focus on establishing process rigor for quickly solving problems and executing against maintenance goals.

Custom Maintenance Programs

Drive preventative maintenance

Evolve from a reactive maintenance approach to a preventive and, ultimately, a predictive maintenance program, by implementing maintenance excellence practices. TBM assists with integrating autonomous maintenance capabilities that engage the entire organization and enhance collaboration.
Maintenance Leadership Development

Improve your results with a trained team

TBM helps maintenance leaders hone the problem-solving and analytical skills needed to understand equipment availability data, link maintenance practices to operational excellence initiatives, and implement daily management processes and standard work.
MRO Spare Parts Analysis and Optimization

Improve your repair maintenance system

To expedite repair of critical equipment and reduce inventory carrying costs, our maintenance management consultants help identify the right spare parts and optimal quantities to keep on hand.
Equipment Lifecycle And Capital Project Planning

Plan your capital projects

Involving maintenance early in major capital projects allows leaders to plan for preventive maintenance and training programs that maximize equipment usefulness, availability, and OEE while giving insight into equipment choices, lifecycle planning, and retirement of aging equipment.

Download our Maintenance Diagnostic Checklist

Our manufacturing maintenance solutions begin with our 10-point maintenance diagnostic. Download our diagnostic checklist to learn how we can help assess every area of your maintenance approach.