Capability and Capacity: The True Drivers of Manufacturing Success

In navigating an uncertain landscape, relying solely on urgency won't guarantee manufacturing success. As economic instability, stagnant growth, human capital challenges, and global tensions persist, the distinguishing factor for successful organisations lies in their adeptness at leveraging capability and capacity for transformative change.

In our recent article, TBM Consulting Europe's VP, Andre Smaal, and Managing Director of Operations, Robert Vrugtman, explore essential strategies to execute performance improvement and achieve sustained success amidst the ongoing challenges faced by manufacturers.

Actions Speak Volumes:

While the motivation for improvement is ever-present, translating it into tangible results requires more than just talk. Precision of execution is the key, demanding organisation-wide commitment in the form of:

  • Support from the Top
  • Engaged Employees
  • Alignment Around Common Goals
  • Visual Performance Reminders
  • Bias for Action

Success in Precision of Execution:

  1. Bracing for Impact: Pharmaceutical Resilience Despite revenue challenges and a resistant culture, a major pharmaceutical manufacturer discovered hope through precision of execution. With engaged employees and TBM's support, they dismantled silos, tapped into employee expertise, and forged a new path forward, even amid revenue decline.
  2. Finding Hidden Capacity: Window to Growth Confronting unexpected growth, a European window manufacturer unearthed hidden opportunities through precision of execution and operational process controls. This led to an outstanding 19% increase in capacity, fuelling excitement for replicating these practises across their sites.

Download the article now to initiate your investment in developing the capability and capacity for breakthrough change. Position yourself to effectively navigate today's challenges while fortifying your competitive advantage, ensuring success for years to come.