Francis Beuls is a seasoned performance improvement and change management consultant with over 23 years of experience. Since 1998, he has been committed to empowering organisations to enhance bottom-line results through his expertise in various management techniques and implementation skills.

Specialising in change management, programme management, ERP-MIS implementation, strategy alignment, supply chain management, operational and maintenance excellence, Francis possesses a diverse skill set that has consistently driven the success of numerous projects across different industries. Throughout his illustrious career, Francis has collaborated with prestigious clients such as BP, Rousselot S.A.S., and the Belgian Government, delivering impactful solutions and catalysing organisational change.

Educationally, Francis holds certifications in oil & gas offshore operations and has undergone extensive training in critical areas such as change management, programme management, leadership, and process improvement. His dedication to driving organisational success is evident in his hands-on approach, extensive expertise, and unwavering commitment to continuous improvement.

With extensive international experience across Europe, Francis has developed a nuanced understanding of diverse cultures and business environments. This global exposure has not only broadened his professional perspective but also honed his ability to navigate complex challenges adeptly.

Fluent in Dutch, French, and English, with a basic understanding of German and Spanish, Francis seamlessly communicates and collaborates in multicultural settings, fostering impactful partnerships and driving sustainable results.