Change doesn’t happen in the classroom. It happens on the shop floor. If your firm has invested in continuous improvement training but hasn't seen real results, you're not alone.

To achieve meaningful and sustainable change, it's crucial to go beyond knowledge and tools. Download this article to dive into these six keys to fail-proof your continuous improvement initiatives:

  1. Don't just learn it. Do it. Theoretical knowledge is not enough.
  2. Secure a top-down commitment. Leadership at all levels must play a role in driving behavioural change.
  3. Take a bottom-up approach. While top-down support is important, the shop floor drives the heart of continuous improvement.
  4. Set clear expectations and track your numbers. Set clear improvement targets that individuals can influence.
  5. Keep the focus on small, incremental changes. Smaller scale changes and realistic targets are vital and manageable.
  6. Give it time. Behavioural change takes time and ongoing commitment.

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