Maximise Value Creation During Extended Holding Periods: A Guide for Private Equity Operating Partners

The year 2023 was a testament to resilience as private equity faced one of its most challenging exit environments. With M&A activity on a decline and IPOs becoming a rarity, portfolio companies stayed longer on the books, reaching a median age not seen since 2012. This extended holding period, while daunting, also presents an unparallelled opportunity for value creation.

Seizing the Opportunity

Despite these hurdles, there lies a silver lining. The extended holding period creates a prime opportunity for operational enhancements and strategic improvements. Our latest article emphasises how private equity investors in the mid-market manufacturing sector can pivot these challenges into profitable opportunities, ensuring maximum returns upon exit.

Strategic Value Creation

We outline actionable strategies that focus on the operational levers within your control:

  • Focus on Operational Efficiencies: Discover quick wins that can significantly boost a company's valuation in a matter of months.
  • Optimise Supply Chain and Manufacturing Processes: Learn how small changes can yield significant cost savings and improve productivity.
  • Invest in Value Engineering: Uncover the untapped potential in product redesign and optimisation for better margins.
  • Cultivate a Problem-Solving Culture: Implement management systems that empower every team member to contribute to continuous improvement
  • Enhance Talent Retention and Development: Find out how the right talent strategy can accelerate growth and improve operational effectiveness.

These strategies are not just theories but have been put into practise, yielding remarkable outcomes for businesses ready to exit. By addressing quick-win value creation opportunities that you may not have considered earlier in the holding period, you could turn $2M to $5M of investment into an extra $15M to $35M of enterprise value at exit. These are the kinds of results that can dramatically increase your return on investment at exit.

Your Next Steps

The path to maximising your portfolio's value in these extended periods is clear. For a deeper dive into these strategies (including a success story) and to start applying them to your portfolio companies today, read our comprehensive article.

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