Get Ahead of the COVID-19 Crisis and Prepare for Recovery with Frequent S&OP

Realistic demand planning is at the heart of any good S&OP program. In normal times, teams meet monthly to have meaningful discussions around expected demand and the ability to profitability meet it over the next 30 days. Amidst all this volatility, S&OP conversations have to happen at least weekly and potentially as often as every day.

Why S&OP Needs to Happen More Frequently During COVID-19 and Beyond

Consider Upping the Frequency of Your S&OP Meetings to Get Ahead of the Crisis and Ready for Recovery

During what may be the most stressful time in the history of your business, improving inputs to S&OP processes—demand forecasts/needs, inventory allocations, internal capacities, and supplier capacities—won’t be easy. If you're a middle market manufacturer that's running full out above capacity to meet demand, it's time to consider increasing the frequency and intensity of your S&OP meeting process.

Read the latest point of view from TBM's Supply Chain leaders, Ken Koenemann and Brian Cromer to learn more how changing the cadence of conversations with operations and finance teams from monthly to weekly, or even daily, can help your organisation be better prepared to:

  • Respond in real-time to actual demand instead of forecasts
  • Manage through uncertainties and keep information as up to date as possible 
  • Make strategic allocation decisions
  • Prepare for the recovery