Bring Back the Top Floor to Shop Floor Connection in 3 Steps 

The cost of non-engaged employees is exceedingly high, and a lack of leadership communication is the primary root causes of poor engagement. The good news is, reintroducing opportunities for manufacturing leaders to engage and communicate directly with shop floor associates is a relatively easy fix for most organisations. It’s also a critical first step to addressing the many other talent and performance issues you face. 

Download the article, “Your Severed Top Floor/Shop Floor Relationship Is Costing You More than You Think” to discover three steps for repairing communications and culture and turning performance around. 

In her new article, Leadership Solutions Managing Director Shannon Gabriel, breaks down the importance of the top floor to shop floor connection, the significant and costly cultural implications of the COVID pandemic, and the need to reengage employees before any other performance issues can be successfully addressed. She then presents a three-step game plan for reintroducing and enhancing a leadership communications strategy that can drive critical talent management and performance improvements.

Her article provides how-to guidance for:

  1. Reevaluating your communication strategy
  2. Reconnecting the shop floor to the top floor vision
  3. Developing a holistic approach to KPIs.

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