Juan Carlos Briquet brings to TBM expertise in process standardization, standard operations training design, 5S implementation, and process optimization through waste reduction.

Juan Carlos has industry experience in manufacturing, assembly, and distribution of products such as steel pipes, plastic containers for chemicals, food, doors and windows, as well as home and office furniture.

He has worked on numerous projects for companies in Europe and Latin America. His work conducting demand segmentation and inventory optimization has allowed companies to free hundreds of thousands of dollars in working capital.

Juan Carlos has worked extensively with Fire Piping, leading the standard operations design, training design, and continuous improvement program; managing the launch of a new manufacturing facility in Spain; and evaluating and managing suppliers. He has also conducted demand segmentation and inventory optimization for multinational clients, such as Caldic, Euromobilia, and Benvic. 

Juan Carlos has a degree in economics from the University of Navarra in Spain, where he graduated with honors. He has lived in Spain, Singapore, Venezuela, and the United States, and is Fluent in English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of French.