Case Study: Food & Beverage Manufacturing, Quality Improvements and Cost Reduction


A North American brewing company that sells many well known brands of beer.


In the face of anticipated growth, this beer manufacturer wanted to improve quality and meet customer demand while avoiding costly capital expansion.


Like any Food and Beverage process, beer production creates hidden issues that are difficult to pinpoint with intuition and eye sight alone. They engaged with TBM to save over two million dollars by reducing costly beer loss, standardize product color, and minimize wasteful reprocessing time.


Over $2 million in annualized savings and a 4x return on investment. Can fill losses were cut in half, from 1.6 percent to 0.80 percent. Beer loss between production processes was reduced from 1.8 percent to .45 percent and the gage R&R percentage of tolerance was drastically reduced from 214 percent to 7 percent. Process capability (Ppk) rose from 1.2 to 2.3, with ten times less rework. As the company dives deeper into the Sigma Kaizen process, it expects to drive even greater improvements.

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